Last night Qade slept like a log in his new bed! He didn’t budge a bit! This morning I actually went in a woke him up at 8. His head was firmly pressed against the head board, so there wasn’t much of a chance of him falling out. Ha! He seemed to enjoy it and was playing a game with himself today where he would ready, set, go and jump onto his bed. 🙂 He also took his nap in it today and didn’t get up at all!!! I was more than shocked! When he did wake up after a very good nap, I heard him knocking on his door. 😀 Anyway, I know it’s only one day, but I think the “cold turkey” method worked for him. I’m pretty excited about it! We’ll see what happens tonight, but I’m anticipating good things. Well, I need to go make some cereal for the piranah and get some stuff done this evening. Hope you all are groovy! Ta ta1

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