Bye-Bye Gummie

Myles has 2 little teeth just bursting to break through! In fact one may have breached today! I can see a little white spot and feel it pretty well with my finger, but I’m not sure if it’s actually cut yet. Poor fellow! 🙁 It’s kind of funny going through babyhood the second time around. When Qade started getting teeth and doing all the “first things” I though it was so great and cheered him on and such. Now I want to keep Myles a baby for longer. 🙂 Ha! Don’t know why that is, but I do know that I’ll miss the little gummy smile when his teeth do come through. However, I also know that I’ll love his toothy grin just as much! Hopefully these teeth won’t give him too much trouble while they are coming up. I’ve given him a bit of Tylenol today to help out a bit, and he’s been chomping on his fist quite a bit. Right now both the boys are snoozing peacefully, something I wish I could be doing too. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll get a chance. Ta ta!

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