So today I got the “grand” idea to bring up one of our toddler beds and put it together. My plan was to leave it in Qade’s room so he could get “used” to it being in there. So this afternoon I loaded up the boys and we went for an “adventure” to the cellar and picked up all the pieces (plus and extra one that Qade sneaked it). THEN the miraculous part happened! I put the bed together with NO instructions by myself!!! Well, actually Qade “helped” but even with that I succeeded!:-) After it was all built and ready to go Qade got the biggest kick acting like a little monkey on the thing. He bounced all over it singing along with Veggie Tales. Yay, thought I, this is going to go over well. Stuart was super impressed when he came home that I had put the thing together and asked me if I would put Qade to bed in it tonight. I gave him my ‘plan’ but then got to thinking…..
Qade is now in his room snoozing (presumably) in his big boy bed. Ack!!! I’m a little nervous about this, not because I’m afraid he won’t be okay, but because I’m not sure I’m ready for such a big boy. *sniff* He’s still my lil Bubba, and I’d just like to keep him little for longer. But ya can’t slow them down, I’m learning. Qade went down in that bed like he’d been doing it all his life, so I guess he was ready. We’ll see how the night goes. I’ll update y’all tomorrow as to the success of the experiment. The gate is up so hopefully we’ll have no night prowling. 🙂 Ta ta till later!

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