Time Weirdness

The time change forward always messes me up for a bit. I can’t figure out why!! I can “fall back” without so much as a flinch, but the springing forward just goes against my wiring I suppose. 😀 A friend asked about it because she was told, correctly, that AZ doesn’t do day light savings. However there is ONE little community on the north east corner of AZ that DOES do DLS, and guess what? Yep, that’s us! It’s a pretty confusing time of year for all involved because even though the school and all the businesses (Ha, yeah, like 3 of them) change to DLS time some of the community does not! So this leads us to have issues that we try to resolve by telling people if we’re talking about “fast time” (DLS) or “slow time” (the rest of the state!) and then if you add in “Navajo time” which is just basically show up whenever we feel like it, there are a lot of time confusions! *Whew!* Then we personally run into the problem of the camp being of course on the regular time like the rest of the state. It’s just stupid if you ask me. I think AZ should go on DLS just like everyone else, but if not, I think we should do what the rest of the state does. Just my own humble opinion. I think the “reasoning” for not going on DLS for AZ is to cut down on the “hot” hours of the day, but it does’t really work because in the middle of summer the sun is coming up at 4:30am!!! Not cool! 😉
On a more fun time subject though, Myles has now successfully slept 6 nights through in a row!! 🙂 He didn’t mind the time change, we’ve just kind of shifted our “routine” an hour. 🙂 Works for me! I didn’t sleep so fab last night, even though my littlest Love did. I think I saw every hour except 1 on the clock. 🙂 Just one of those restless ones. Oh well!
We had a couple over for dinner last night. Stu met the lady at work, she just recently came as the mid-school counselor. They are messianic Jews and have been very involved in ministry outreaches around the world. It was so encouraging to talk to them and hear some of their stories! We had a great time, even if the roast was a bit dry. 😉 The hershey pie turned out well at least! Ha!
Today the laundry heap is begging to be done, and some other “recovery” things around the house need to be taken care of as well. Qade is contentedly playing in his room, he even closed the door!! SO I should probably take advantage of the situation and get busy! Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week! Enjoy the after dinner light!

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