Three Nights

Tis true! We’ve had 3 great nights in the Myles camp!! Last night wasn’t great all around because Qade woke up screaming at 3:30a, but my Darling Stu went and comforted him while I was lazy! Myles did wake up at 4ish just to have a little conversation with himself, but he must have been boring because he was asleep again very soon. I’m loving these good nights of rest. Tonight is the “spring forward” night and that always makes me nervous because it throws a kink in everything! So here’s hoping that the lads will sleep sweetly regardless of what the silly clocks are doing.
Now then, to clear things up from my “coffee quote” a demitasses in the dictionary is “a small coffee cup” just so there’s no confusion about that. 😉
Stu’s parents are here today and the boys have been having so much fun with them! Grandpa can really get some good belly laughs out of Myles (not that it’s hard!) and Qade has been reveling in the extra attention of course! It’s fun, and hopefully soon Auntie Tiff will arrive with Aiden. I’m so excited to see that lil boy! Course I’m looking forward to visiting with Tiff too, but we parents understand that now little people are involved we’re usually only an after thought. 😉 Ha!
Tonight we’re having green chili stew and homemade tortillas, if I can pull it off. The recipes I found for the tortillas all seemed similar and simple, amazingly enough, so we’ll see if it’s true or if I make a royal mess. 😉 Stay tuned!

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