Knock-knock, who’s there?

This is a little trick Qade has learned. He likes to close doors behind him, but he doesn’t like to be “stuck” so he will knock on the door when he’s ready to get out. 😀 Funny funny kid! He doesn’t yell or anything just a persistent knocking sound. As for the room time, I’ve backed off of that for now. Lately he has volentarily been playing more in his room by himself, but he doesn’t understand when I put the gate up and it causes quite a meltdown, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of room time. Once he is in his “big boy bed” we will have the gate up at his room at night so we don’t have to worry about him prowling the house by his lonesome, and I think that will help him get used to it more. But since he is playing nicely in his room more often these days, it’s just not a battle I’m willing to fight. He has a little CD player in there and we’ve been listening to some Veggie Tales songs that his Grandma Noggle got him at Christmas. Qade has learned how to pull out the bottom drawer and use it as a step so that he can hit the play button should the music stop. Hmmmmm??? What should a good mommy do? Right now I’m just blinking at it. 😉 It’s not like he climbs up the whole thing and tries to parachute off the top or anything, so we’ll cross that bridge IF we have to. Ha!
Okay the verdict on the stew: It was “okay” say both Stuart and I. The flavor was a little different for a stew, but not bad. I saved the leftovers in the freezer and we’ll certainly eat them up, but I won’t be making the stew again. The meat was nice and tender, but the flavor was just a little too weird for us. 🙂 So there’s my oh-so-insightful take on Chinese 5-Spice. 😉 Maybe I’ll make a cake with it!
Last night was our 2nd full night of sleep in a row!!! Myles did NOT go down easy so I was nervous. He had a nice helping of cereal for dinner at nearly 6pm, then Mommy fed him as usual at 7pm, and he konked right out! However he kept waking up and crying from about 7:45 on. I went up and rocked him a bit, which didn’t really help because he doesn’t like to be held to sleep, but I could tell he just wanted sleep, so he finally went back to sleep, but that didn’t last long, and he was acting like he was a starved child. Go figure! So finally i made up a little bottle, because I knew his tummy could NOT be as empty as he thought it was. Sure enough he swallowed about 2 oz and that was that. He was wide awake by this time, but didn’t want any more formula. I figured I’d be spending some time with him around 4am, but went to bed earlyish around 9:30 or maybe it was 10, just can’t remember. However, littlest love slept soundly till after 7am!!! I was so shocked! 🙂 This is a very awesome thing, and sleep feels SO good!
Since I had such wonderful sleep, I’m determined to get a bunch of stuff done today. Right now the dishwasher, washer and dryer are all happily working while I ‘doink’ on the computer. Now I just need to get that broom and vacuum to figure out how to move themselves. 🙂 Where in the world is Marry Poppins when you need her? Ha! Well, I hope that you all have a spectacular weekend! We are looking forward to seeing our nephew, Aiden for a little bit! It’s going to be fun to get the boys together now that they’re both walking and “talking” ha ha ha! Toodles!