Bluster and Blow

Alrighty so the lion of March is here for good. I was kind of hoping that we could get some lamb days in here, but the wind has been howling round the eves like mad! Yesterday in the morning it was just beginning to get blowy so I snagged the chance to take the boys for a ride in their stroller. It was blowing some, and cracked me up to hear Myles gasp every time a gust hit his face. Funny funny! However, I’m sure that wind was blowing all the Juniper pollen right up my nostrils because that afternoon my nose/throat/eyes started driving me crazy!!! It hasn’t gotten better either. Today the wind acts like it would like nothing better than to take the roof off so it can make my nose even worse! 😀
Beyond all that though things are going swell. Myles slept ALL night last night, which was spectacular! I fed him a good dinner of rice cereal which he actually really seems to enjoy. Well, after the first bite that is. He has to get past the texture at first, but then he loves it! I’ve hit a couple snags recently in the nursing arena which have made me contemplate weaning, but the last couple of days have been better, so now I’m not sure what I’ll do. I have peered into Myles’ mouth and seen the spots where 2 bottom teeth would like to be poking through. Once they do I’m not sure I’ll have the courage to continue nursing- ha! We’ll see. We take one day at a time round here.
Qade has been his regular toddler, hilarious, getting into trouble self. Really though he is getting better about obeying, and I’m learning to find creative ways to get him over the whining and temper tantrum parts of life. Yesterday he was begging for a “cookie” to which I replied in a very deep strange voice “NOOOOOOOOOO!” For some reason this struck him as hilarious so he would keep saying “cookie” and I would keep replying the same way, only he was laughing so hard that he could hardly say cookie any more. 🙂 It worked as a game and helped him to not whine, and then he completely forgot that he had been asking for a cookie altogether. Hee hee! This morning he wandered around in circles with one of his toy’s baskets on his head for a considerable long time. Myles and I were laughing at him which probably prompted him to keep going. He’s tons of fun, and every day, even though he can be a challenge, I’m so thankful for my little lad! I’m also so thankful for my littlest lad who is learning and growing and changing so much each day. He’s really getting the hang of sitting up by himself, but he’s not to the point he can do it unattended. He’ll get thrilled with something and his first reaction is to rocket himself backwards loosing every bit of his precarious balance. 🙂 So this mommy mostly holds onto him, but lets go just now and then so he can see what it feels like.
Tonight, just for the record, we are having 5-spice beef stew. Some time back, probably about a year ago, I came across this recipe and thought it looked delicious! However actually finding the Chinese 5-Spice was impossible!! I had looked everywhere I could think of and had relatives looking too. Eventually I gave up on it, but then I think it was Oma who located some of the stuff. Now I’ve had it for a little while, but have been reluctant to try it because I smelled it and it didn’t smell like something you’d want in a stew. More like a cookie! 🙂 But today I bit the bullet and hopefully my poor family won’t suffer when they bite into the stew for dinner. 😉 I’ll give you a verdict in my next post! Till then have fabulous days! Ta ta.
P.S. I’ve posted some recent pics on facebook and will try to get some up here soon!

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