Tick, tock, tee!

photo-12Visiting fam is fun! Two little lads refusing to let mommy and daddy sleep, not so much. 🙁 The last 2 nights have been rough! Myles has actually done very well considering, but Qade has been a little taz, I’m sure it’s his Daddy coming out in him. 😉 I can’t be too hard on them because I have a hard time sleeping in a new place/bed too. I just try for it a little quieter. Last night and the night before seemed almost identical in our sleep patterns. Qade had a hard time “going down” and talked, jabbered, giggled, out right laughed, then cried for quite some time before he finally dropped off. Myles fell asleep fine on our bed even amidst all of his brother’s capers. So then once we’re all abed and trying to blissfully sleep, Myles stirs and fusses a bit. Not enough to need attention, but enough to wake up big brother. Qade responds by deciding that it must be time to be up forever and he begins his talking, laughing and mimicking every noise that he hears Myles make. This goes on for over an hour, during which Mommy and Daddy have reminded Qade that it is “night-night” and re-tucked him in, but to no avail. Myles has been diligently trying to soothe himself back to sleep, but as soon as it’s quiet for a few minutes Qade takes up his mantra again. FINALLY at 4am Mommy takes Myles out of the room for an early breakfast and Daddy joins us since sleep isn’t happening. Finding himself left alone, Qade begins to wail at the top of his lungs and Daddy has to go make him lie down in his bed. Eventually he crashes out and the 3 of us venture back into the room. We get all cuddled up and ready to try for a few precious z’s when Qade decides that he is “ah-done” with the “mock” (drink) that he’d been begging for so steadily earlier and begins to whine again. This time Mommy puts him to bed again with a “this is not a good choice for you to make” tone, and we all collapse into heaps for a brief nap before everyone is awake and at it again at 7:45. *sigh* Oh well, some things you just can’t “fix” in the middle of the night. 🙂 Hope you all rested well and are having a great Sunday! (Don’t sleep in church!)