Sweet Potato Fan!

So today I became a “fan” of Sweet Potatoes on Facebook. 🙂 Okay, you could say I’m slightly obsessed, but I just find them so delicious, and the fact that they’re actually good for you is a bonus… kind of like grapefruit. 🙂 By the way did you know that grapefruit gets it’s name because they grow in clusters looking like giant grapes? Well, now you do!
So my walk a million miles plan isn’t going over so well because the wind has been more than blustering here lately. That’s the biggest downer about springy weather in these parts. The wind blows like mad in March/April. It’s depressing because as soon as it’s starting to get warm enough to really enjoy being outside the wind drives you in. If it was just sorta blowy I could handle it, but this is a driving wind that picks up the sand from the road and blasts everything with it! Ya wanna get a weathered wood look? Just bring it out here and we’ll let the wind take care of it for you. 😀 Oh well. Stu and I did our jumping program last night, and I’m pretty sure it just about killed me. Ha! I’m so terribly out of shape, but Stu assures me that if I don’t die (and he’s certain that I won’t) then I will get in great shape doing this. 😉 Guess I should give it a go since I have to stay inside anyway. *sigh*
So yesterday I had mommy’s “day off.” It was much needed and in the nick of time, as I felt like I was beginning to go batty. (no comments please!) Stu stayed home with the lads and I went to Gallup for some time alone. Gallup isn’t my favorite place by any means, but when you need to get away just about anywhere will do. I had lunch at Wendy’s, a favorite place, with Jane Austin. 😉 I picked up some SWEET POTATOES and other stuffs, and got to visit Stu’s Grandmother. The home she is in was doing a Mardi-Gras type parade so all the residents were all dressed up. It was quite the sight! Masona was dressed as a Raggedy Anne type doll, too cute! I was glad I got to see her that way!
So sleep is still a work in progress, but Myles did sleep ALL night before my day off, and that helped a LOT! Last night wasn’t as good, but still okay. I’m giving him cereal 2x’s a day to see if that helps him out. He seems to love the stuff. It’s so cute though because as soon as I give him a bite, he pops in his thumb and vigorously sucks for a few seconds before opening up for the next bite. Too funny!
Well, enjoy your week and hope that your days are full of sweet things, especially sweet potatoes! 😉

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