That’s me lately. I believe it has something to do with allergies and the like. It happens once or twice a year, but it’s never very pleasant. This time around it’s been hanging on for several days. Blah! I don’t like feeling dizzy and off balanced, but it also sometimes makes my stomach feel ill too… I’ve always been motion sensitive. 🙂 Ah well… if I’d remember to take my clariton every day I’d probably be better off.
So, what’s been going on round here? Well, the usual, LAUNDRY, DISHES, POOP. But other than that not much. 😉 The sleep project hasn’t been working as well as planned. Oh our day time schedule is going along swimmingly well, but at night Myles STILL wakes up between 1-2am, and he’ll talk to himself and lie there fine most of the time, but it can take him up to an hour to go back to sleep. Guess who is also awake listening to his every murmur? That’s right, Mommy! So even if I don’t get up to feed him, I’m still NOT sleeping, so it kind of defeats the purpose. *sigh* I think it might be back to the drawing board for us as far as that goes. Perhaps it’s time to move him out of our room, but I’m not sure Qade is ready for a roommate either. Oh dear!
On a happy side note, Myles’ best friend, Benton, was born on Thursday!!! We have been anxiously awaiting his arrival so we could see what this little man looked like. He is a sweet little doll baby!! So cute! Stu and I agree that he favors his Momma in the face, but it looks as though he’ll have his Daddy’s dark eyes. We can’t wait to meet him this summer!
Yesterday I started jogging. Blah! I have to say that I just do not like to run at all!! But I’ve kind of been ‘stuck’ with my weight loss goals for a couple weeks now, so need to do something to jump start it. I’ve got a “program” in my head for this week that I think will help. Part of that is to take advantage of our 65* weather and take the boys for a walk in the stroller. If I add a solo jog/walk to that as well I’ll be doing 4 miles a day, and I’m sure that will make a difference. Also I have my exercise ball that I’m working my “core” on, AND the elliptical that I have to do at least 15 min a day. 🙂 I’ll let you know by Friday if any of it helped. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the jumping program that Stu and I are doing. That’s 3 days this week too. Lots more activity and fewer cinnamon rolls, and I believe I’ll see some good results. 😉

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