Too Good to Last

That’s what I was thinking last night. 🙂 I had this “gut feeling” that things wouldn’t be going as smoothly with Myles when he was alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic at 10pm when I was trying to feed him that last time. Normally he’s sound asleep and will maybe blink his eyes when I give him the bottle, but not last night. And true to my “instincts” he woke up 4 times between midnight and 3:30 when I figured it was finally okay to feed him. That didn’t last long however, and he was awake again in an hour. Oh well, tonight is a new night with no mistakes in it yet.
I was tired and dragging this morning, but I did manage to get some stuff done today. Mopping, laundry, kid clothes organizing, kitchen counter de-cluttering, utility room straightening, and then Qade helped me to finish putting the last pictures in his baby book. 🙂 That was fun! So anyway, I felt like something got done today and the house was spick ‘n span when Stu got home from work, and that’s important to me!
Today I started “room time” with Qade, and he was NOT at all pleased with it. I planned to stay in his room with him, because I knew he wouldn’t be thrilled at first, but even though I was there, as soon as the gate went up he started wailing at the top of his lungs. Eventually he calmed down, of course, but it’s going to take awhile to set the routine, I think. It’s weird though because right now he’s playing in his room by himself just fine, but there’s no gate. Ha ha! 🙂 Oh and another strange thing going on with my very close to 2 yr old, is that he has given up milk. I mean, he just won’t drink the stuff any more even if I put “strawberry” flavoring in it. Have any of your munckins done this? I’ve just decided to stop offering it all together and then maybe try it again in a little while. Weird!
Well, I must needs go make some “sky-high” biscuits for our biscuits and gravy dinner. Hope you are all having a swell Tuesday… it is Tuesday right? Toodles. 😉

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