Valentine’s Day Yippee

Today is Cupid’s day, I suppose. 🙂 Though I tell my hubby that we don’t NEED a special day to remind us that we’re sweethearts. 😀 Still it’s fun though, and I enjoy the day. Any excuse for a card and gift is good, right? This year for V-day Stuart ordered us fitbits! I’m so excited about these little things, but unfortunately they are taking longer than expected in production so they didn’t make it here on time. BUT it’ll be fun once they do arrive. In the mean time he also got me “Hello Dolly” which I’d never seen before except little blurbs on “Wall-e.” So this afternoon we sat down and watched it during the lad’s nap. He also bought me the book “The Husband Project” which I had seen and wanted to read. I’m looking forward to that as well. It’s 21 days of loving your man, dosn’t that sound like fun? 🙂 I think it will be for sure. You can never work too much on your marriage!
This afternoon we went for a family walk. It was chilly but fun. We walked briskly to keep warm so it didn’t last long, but we had a grand time anyway. Qade got to actually walk instead of ride for part of the way back. It was pretty funny to watch him “spit” on the ground like his daddy taught him. Boys! Myles mostly slept through it. I wonder what it is about a stroller on a bumpy dirt road that is conducive to sleep, but it’s so. Right now Qade is talking to his “Ma-maw” on the phone. It’s one of his favorite things to do now. My mom calls us every day, and she always asks to talk to Qade so now he will bring me the phone and ask for “ma-maw.” It’s pretty cute! He always ends the conversation with “bye- bye, low lew” (love you) Sweet!
Last night went pretty well with Myles. I know my “official” schedule planning doesn’t start till Sun night, but I’m jump starting it last night and tonight since it’s the weekend. Yesterday we stayed on our 4 hr schedule with naps and all just about perfect!! Oh, and lest you think I expect my 4 mo old to sleep all night from 7:30 on, I do feed him again around 10 before I go to bed. I’m not even expecting him to “last” till 8 then at this point, I’m trying to get him to stop waking at 1-2am. So if he could go from 10 till 4ish I’ll be happy! Then we’ll work on extending it after he actually starts solids. Last night was an experiment, and when Myles woke at 12a I didn’t get up, but rather let him “talk” himself back to sleep since he wasn’t really fussing. He ate at 2:45 and then woke again in the wee sma’s but put himself back to sleep then too. So I think that worked pretty well for a first go. Today our schedule has been “off” as far as hours go because Myles needed breakfast at 7 instead of 8, but that’s not a big deal to me. The spaces have been the same. Qade does fine on his schedule. He’s basically been doing the same thing since he was 6 months. We just lost our room time during camp, and now we’re dealing with a one nap a day thing. I’m sure he’ll adapt well, though I am anticipating some “protests” at room time to begin with. I’ll work to make it as positive as can be, and I think he’ll end up liking it in the end. 🙂
Well, I’m off to fix our “easy” supper and enjoy an evening with my fellas. 🙂 Last night was SO funny! Stu was playing his guitar and Qade was dancing around in circles like crazy! I picked up Myles to prevent him from getting stomped, but we all just laughed and had a great time! Qade was quite the little entertainer, and he knows it too. Maybe this evening we’ll get a repeat performance. Toodles!