Of routines and coffee

Well, last night at about 2:30am I made the decision that it is time for Myles to learn some of life’s tough lessons. Namely, just because you’re awake does NOT mean you need a meal. 🙂 Now to clarify, I’m not complaining about getting up with my littlest love, because he really has been an Angel baby, but his mamma ain’t a super-hero, and after 4 months of interrupted sleep, I’m starting to wear out. I’ve just been dragging lately, and it effects the rest of my family, not to mention the house. So I’m taking the proactive stance, and going on the offensive to get this problem solved. Hence starting Sunday night I will be ‘camping out’ in the spare room with my little lad to work on his sleep schedule. This way I won’t have to worry about disturbing Stuart. It might be a rough week and I’m quite sure I’ll want to quit which is why I’m writing in here, maybe the “public” pressure will give me more motivation to stick to it. No, really at 4 months I know that Myles is capable of sleeping longer stretches, I’ve just got to convince him of that. 😉 But after a continuous headache for 4 days and up to 2 cups of coffee regularly I’m convinced that something needs to change.
I think that a more structured routine will help Qade as well. His days are ‘loosly’ structured now, but haven’t been as “normal” as they were before Myles was born, understandably. I’m going to help him have some “room time” each morning where he will play by himself (eventually) in his room for a bit. We used to do this, but it went away somehow. It’s a great idea though because it teaches him to play independently and gives Mommy a chance to do dishes! Woo-hoo!! I think it will help him with his clingyness too. Lately he seems velcroed to my legs, and it’s very hard to get anything done with a 25lb kid attached to you. 🙂 I know life is in a difficult flux for him right now, but I’m happy to say that we are making strides in his fits, and he’s getting to be a better communicator and that helps. I’m sure that having a bit more stable of a daily structure will help him much!
So here’s a general idea of what our daily routine will look like. The times are just there for reference. I DON’T want to be tied to the clock, so they will be flexible up to half an hour, but I’d like to keep things on this general time line.

7am Get Qade up, have breakfast.
8am Wake Myles, feed him
10am Nap time for Myles, room time for Qade
11:30 Lunch time for Qade
12n Lunch time for Myles
2pm Nap time for both boys
4pm Snack for Qade- Feed Myles
5-6 Cat nap for Myles Dinner for Family
7pm Feed Myles
7:30 Bed time both boys.

So there it is. Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how it goes. I realize that implementing this is going to take some hard work, but at the same time I don’t anticipate it being too terrible because both my lads have been on a ‘routine’ it just hasn’t been quite this structured. I’m hoping that I’m right in thinking that they will adapt quickly. 🙂 Ha ha!

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