We found it!

Myles has found his smile!! 😀 Yesterday he lost it for sure, poor boy. He was pretty miserable all day, and mostly all night too, but today he has returned to his little happy self, and we’re all SO glad! Qade on the other hand woke up as Mr. Grumpy Gills, so he has had a rough morning, causing Mommy to have a bit of a rough morning as well. He seems to be doing a bit better right now though, maybe lunch helped his outlook on life. 🙂 He was hungry this morning! He had oatmeal, a whole banana, raisins and part of Mommy’s oatmeal too! He ate a good lunch as well. Spaghetti O’s and string cheese, and some Gerber little veggies. He likes the sweet corn. He also shared my yam. 🙂 I ate it with an avacado sandwich. Qade has been flexing those “independence muscles” when it comes to meals sometimes. He just refuses to eat what’s put before him. So I give him 2 choices, take it or leave it. He has chosen to leave it several times, but is learning that nothing else gets offered. I think that’s why he is so hungry at breakfast sometimes, but he’s a smart lad, and I know he’ll learn his lessons. So now we’re all full, and happy as larks and soon both my little Loves will be taking their nap, and that will give me time to fold the mountain of laundry that I’ve been doing today! *whew*
Yesterday I did make some cinnamon rolls, and they are SO delicious! I used a “caramel glaze” instead of the regular confectioners sugar glaze, and it made such a difference! Amazing what a little change can do! They were great before, but now they are even nummier!
Anyway, today I have done laundry, as I mentioned, swept up after Qade’s meals, and cleaned the kitchen and dining room. I’m hoping sometime in the next couple days to go through the boy’s toys (mostly Qade’s) and get rid of some of the superfluous things. I’m starting to feel cluttered, and that causes stress in my life. 🙂 Qade did loose one of his beloved Hot Wheels this morning. I don’t know how, but he managed to bend one of the wheels and then bring it to Mommy to “fix” which of course I couldn’t do, though I did try. So when he wasn’t paying attention I tossed the poor car. Hard facts of life, things don’t last forever. However, Qade doesn’t know this yet, I got him a “valentine” Hot Wheel the other day, so he’ll soon have another “wheels” to love. 🙂
Hope you are all having a spectacular Wednesday!