Snowy day and poor boy.

Yep, I woke up today to more snow on the ground, and it’s been coming down again for awhile. The good thing about that is well, there’s a couple, 1) we really need the moisture, but mostly I was thinking about how Stu got to stay home with ME today!! He was supposed to go to camp for a meeting, but they are getting even MORE snow down that way, so they canceled it. So I have all my men at home with me today, and I got a kick out of watching the cat try to walk through the snow in the dog’s footprints so she wouldn’t have to sink her little paws in the snow! 🙂 Really though, I’d rather we could have hung on to our springy weather. I like to get out and walk, using the elliptical is just not the same. Oh well.
Myles hit his 4 month birthday on Sunday and as a “celebration” had to get his shots yesterday. Poor lad! It wrings my heart when they have to get shots. Ugh!! Can’t wait till these immunization years are over! I know it’s important for them, but man alive it just about kills me. 🙁 Anyway, poor buddy has been cranky since his “incident” and had a bit of a fever too. This morning he woke up SO sad, and just cried and cried. I gave him Tylenol, but it’s so hard to know how to help him. He is such a chipper chap all the time, that when he cries you KNOW something is “terrible” for him. He’s sleeping sweetly now though so hopefully he’ll start to feel better soon.
On a more happy note. I went to my Sis-in-law’s baby shower this weekend, and it’s always fun to see the new sweet baby things! We’re all excited for “Jo-Jo’s” arrival! He’s not “due” till March, but hey, that’s not TOO far away. I’ve been teaching Qade to say Jo-Jo so he’s all set to be introduced to his cousin. I’m sure when we do get to see him that Myles will look like a giant baby! He’ll be 5 months by then! Wow, time is flying. Myles weighed 13.4 and was 25 inches long. I’m not sure what percent that puts him in, but the doctor said he’s growing well, but I already knew that. 🙂 He talked about the fact that he might be teething in the next couple months (something I’m not ready for at all) and how we could start cereal and baby food. (I’m not ready for that either!) It just made me think about how fast our babies grow up, and how we seem to try to “push” them to grow up even faster.
Anyway, that’s just kinda random, but I figured I needed to post something today. I’m thinking about making some more cinnamon rolls today. I made a batch of the “knock off” cinnabon rolls on Sunday for the business meeting. They were HUGE and very popular because all the ones that didn’t get eaten got snatch to take home. hmmmm… so anyway we had none left over and I think I’d like some more. It’s really easy to make them when you let the bread machine do the kneading and mixing for you. 🙂
But a hot cinnamon roll and coffee/tea would be perfect for this snowy day.
Ta ta friends!

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