Corned Beef

We got to shop at Costco while visiting Stu’s parents, and I picked up a corned beef roast! To celebrate St. Patty’s day. (Since we’re SO Irish after all- ha ha!) I used to love it when my mom would get those, but haven’t had one in a LONG time, and have never fixed one myself. This shall be an adventure!
The boys are both down for nap right now, so the house is quite, and I’m feeling sleepy too. I have no excuse though because I actually had to WAKE UP Myles at 8am this morning!! WOOOO- HOOOOO! This is the second night in about 4 days that he’s slept completely through the night! Hopefully we’re developing a pattern here! He has been doing excellently well on the 4 hour schedule too. What a compliant kido!
Qade had a great time this weekend at the grandparent’s house. Sans the adventure in the Mall, poor thing. We got home yesterday and it always humors me to watch him go around the house reacquainting himself with all his stuff. He’s so thrilled to see it all, as if he’s been gone for years, and has this “oh, I remember this” expression on his face. Too cute! My dad came over yesterday to chop some wood, so Qade got to see his other Pa-paw too. In the last couple of days Qade’s words seem to be much clearer. It’s pretty amazing to listen to him talk! I’m looking forward to having actual conversations with him that don’t consist of mostly babble. Grandpa Noggle taught him to say “starfish” this weekend, and it was crystal clear too!
Today has been a catch up on laundry day, as is typical when we get back from somewhere. I’ve also been contemplating babies. 😉 Not to worry, but I’m doing a “devo” at my sis-in-law’s shower, and am trying to organize some thoughts. Thoughts are great, but if no one else can understand where they come from or where they’re going, then they are basically useless. But I went on a walk today and thought about it (since the battery is dead on my shuffle) so I think I have my 3 points, now all I need is a poem. Ha! Maybe I’ll just read “Fox in Socks” instead. 😉
Well, I just heard a GIANT yawn followed by some chatter coming from my little lad’s room. (not to be confused with my “littlest lad” hee hee) So I’m going to run, but hope you’ll drop by the blog for a little up date on our lives now and then. I’ll work on posting some more pics soon… maybe even tomorrow!

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