Shoppin’ Day

I’ve been on a shopping spree with my mom-in-law. 🙂 Yesterday we went to the “dollar” stores and found some cool stuff for me to use in decorating the boys room. Yes, it’s still a work in progress. Poor Qade has never had a completed and official nursery, do you think it will scar him for life? 😉 But now I’ve got some little shelf things, and a couple cute “quote” art things for the wall. Today I got a clock for their room too. Yes, I’m calling it “the boy’s” room because eventually they will be sharing a room once we kick Myles out of ours. 😉 I also got a clock for our livingroom and some wall sconces too. I’m going to be the decorating queen this week!
My sis-in-law’s baby shower is next weekend, so I found something for my little nephew-to-be, but I can’t tell you what it is in case she reads this before the par-tay! 😉 Ha! There were some fabulous sales about by the way! I found a few items that I can use for Christmas next year. And we found some garment boxes for $.15!!! Wow! So over all I think we got some great deals and good stuff for our labors.
One thing that happened to poor Qade while we were out today I have to tell you about. The Mall has a little play place in the middle for little kids, so since I had to feed Myles we decided to let Qade play there. We parked the strollers and I sat in a corner of the bench with Myles while Grandma and Qade went to the other side to play. He got involved with the other kids pretty quickly so my MIL took an opportunity to run to the restroom. Well, right after she left, Qade decided to “check in” but couldn’t find Grandma. He walked out of the play place, and noticed our stuff out there, and walked back in. I was watching him closely the whole time, of course, but I couldn’t get up at that moment. Qade walked back in, looking all around. He stopped near where they first were and looked around at all the kids, then looked around at all the adults near him, then burst into tears. 🙁 Made my heart sad!! I kept trying to call him, but he obviously couldn’t hear me. Finally one lady who sat there decided to help, and I got her attention. She brought the distressed boy over and you could just see the relief on his face when he saw me. Awwwww! He climbed up on the seat with me and was soon happy again. I just felt bad that he had felt so abandoned, poor boy. So the lesson I learned was to always let the lad know where we are when we’re at a park or play place. The boys did amazingly well for our day of shopping! Qade even got a brand NEW hot wheels car from his Grandma. He loves his cars!
Well, tomorrow is the super bowl, and since Arizona is playing I think Stu will watch. I might see some of it, but I’m not into football at all really. I especially don’t enjoy watching sports on T.V. but I can’t get over my surprise that the Cardinals actually made it. Ha ha! Hope you are all having a swell weekend!

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