I often have a running “blogentary” going on in my head of how I could word my regular work-a-day life into fun and exciting adventures, but then when it actually comes to sitting down and doing it, everything leaves me. I’ve even had thoughts fly away while I was in the process of thinking them, now that’s a weird experience. 🙂 Oh well.
I’ve been dealing lately with the wretched effects of post pregnancy hair shed. Blah! Those 9 months are wonderful for not having to clean out your brush or finding wads of hair in your hand when you shampoo. *sigh* It’s at an end however and this morning as I was combing my wet hair I ended each stroke by piling my “collection” on the counter, it was quite the wad! If I had thin hair, I might be nervous, but as it is, I can do plenty well without it. It was just so convenient before not to have loose long hairs trailing me about everywhere. On another post-preggy note, I have only 3 more pounds to go before I’m under BOTH my baby’s weight!! Woo-Hooo!! It just struck me today that I haven’t been this “light” since before Qade was born! WOW! 🙂 Still got a ways to go to reach my ultimate goal, but it is encouraging that slowly and surely it’s all coming off! Yippee!!
Yesterday I got quite a few of the diddly chores done. Ya know the small things that tend to not get done because they don’t stand in everyone’s way waving their dirty selves around and begging for attention. Still, it felt good to have it done, and today I think I’m actually going to be “on schedule” and get the dusting done too! Are you impressed yet? 😉
Qade grabbed my hair towel this morning before I could put it away and draped it over his head and started walking around laughing hysterically because he couldn’t see where he was going. It was pretty funny, I have NO idea why he likes to do that. A couple days ago he was sitting in Myles’ bouncy seat and asked me to put a blanket over him, so I fluffed it in the air and it covered him, head and all, and there he sat pleased as punch to be under that blankie. I’m looking forward to him getting into a “big boy bed” and to get him more ready for it I’ve been “tucking him in” with a blanket instead of just putting him in his sleep sack. For some reason it seems to help him sleep in one spot better. Before he would just thrash all around the crib in his sleep, but several times with the blanket he’s stayed relatively still. Good news!
Myles is just his happy go lucky self! He still has a little cough (as well as Qade) but he hasn’t complained at all about being sick, sweet boy! I was talking to Mom yesterday and confessed that I’m quite sure Myles is the easiest baby in creation. Quite honestly that child is just so happy and content, it’s amazing! I’ve been working on him recently to take a bottle. He has balked at this exercise because it’s not what he’s used too, but the last couple of nights he’s taken it with less resistance. Hopefully he’ll get it enough so that the Grandparents can give him one now and then so me and his Daddy can have a childless date! 🙂 Plus I think the few oz of formula in the evening help him sleep longer. 🙂 Here’s hoping!
Well, I’m going to post some new pictures on facebook today so if you’re interested you can check them out there. Hope you are all enjoying your midweek day. I need to go get my crock pot meal started! Those things are awesome!!! Toodles!
P.S. The road is dry enough today that I’m planning to take our new double stroller out for it’s maiden voyage! Should be fun pushing to hefty boys up that hill. Ha!

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