I’ve been tagged (I think)

There’s a LOT of people in the world named Rachel, but I’m going to pretend it was me anyway. So here’s the random photo I found. This is a picture I took of Qade when we were in Canada, summer 07. He was such a good traveler!! I have a thing with pictures of baby feet anyway, just love em! Hope you enjoyed the blast from the past! 🙂
So the instructions say I have to tag 4 people, so I tag Vicki, Sarah Jane, Stu and Kilika. 🙂 I think I only have like 4 blog readers anyway. Ha!
Go to the place where you store all of your pictures on your computer
and open up the 4th folder.
Open the 4th picture.
Post the picture and give an explanation.
Tag 4 people.

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