The Musical Man

That would be my Bubba!  Qade is quite the little jiver for sure!  We have a muppet’s song called “Mah-nah, Mah-nah” and he LOVES to dance to it.  There are no real words, but the song lasts for nearly 5 minutes, and he’ll just twist and stomp and spin the whole time it’s playing!  Stu and I will sit on the floor laughing hysterically at him while he entertains us.  I told you before about his “Banana Boat” song that he likes to sing with, but this morning he was singing “Good Mornin'” from Singing in the Rain, because I sing it to him nearly every morning.  He’s been listening to this Patch the Pirate Sunday School Songs CD that his “Aunt Rachael” let him borrow, and he dances to those songs as well.  For awhile he was obsessed with the Old MacDonald song, but hasn’t sung that one in a while.  He’s a fun lad!  He is at a challenging age right now and is often pushing his boundaries.  That’s the not-so-much-fun part of parenting.  I want to just laugh and play and have a grand time all day instead of butting heads and trying to determine who’s will is stronger.  I have confidence though, that as long as we stay consistent and stay a team, Stuart and I, then in the end we’ll have a much happier, well behaved little boy.  I took him and Myles to the doctor this week because of their colds, and Qade weighed in at 24lbs.  Still a skinny boy, but healthy.

Myles weighs 12lbs 10oz!!  He has almost doubled his birth weight and he’s not yet 4 months!!  But I’m not surprised with the appetite that munchkin has! 🙂  As of yesterday he has “officially” become a thumb sucker!  Yep, after much hard work and effort on his part, he finally figured out how to get that delectable thumb into his mouth and smack away.  He’s been practicing almost incessantly since he made the discovery too, so I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have 2 little thumb suckers in my family.  Strange, cause none of us kids sucked our thumbs.  Still I think it’s too cute, and maybe one day I’ll be sorry for it, but right now I’m not! Ha!

Well, I’m home from church again today due to the boys and their nasty sounding coughs.  However there are some sermons that Stu found by one of our favorite speakers in Greenville, so I’ll try to listen to one of those if I get a chance.  Right now I need to go rescue the cat from the clutches of her nemesis, Qade.  Ta ta!