It’s amazing what a little sleep can do

Yes, last night I was totally in one of those funks where I felt completely overwhelmed by life in general, and just wanted to escape from it ALL!!  However after a good night’s sleep with a couple of interuptions, I woke up this morning feeling much better and ready to tackle whatever it had for me.  “Bring it on!” 🙂  Strange how that all works.  I still don’t want to vacuum, but I think I can do it without having a breakdown. Ha!

My boys ar sick and that makes me sad.  Poor Myles! This is his first cold complete with a nasty cough. 🙁  Qade sounds pretty bad too, but both boys seem pretty philosophic about it and aren’t complaining too much.  That’s good for mommy, but I still wish they would be better.  I believe Qade must be going through a growth spurt, because his appetite has picked up.  One day for breakfast he had oatmeal, apple sauce, AND yogurt!  A whole “baby” bowl of chicken noodle soup and some crackers for lunc, and then he ate quite a bit of the golden chicken w/ long grain and wild rice that I made for dinner, along with yummy yams!  And he had a fruity snack in the day as well.  Quite a porker! 🙂  He is getting to be too much fun to listen to when he comments about everything.  He LOVES talking on the cell phone to his Grandmas!  He’s starting to say more phrases and put things together like, “Pa-paw hat” to refer to his grandpa’s hat.  He loves the “Banana Boat” song and will sing “day-ay-ay-OOOOOOO” along with it.  It’s hysterical!  I’ve GOT to get it on video!  Myles is becoming more of a personality himself.  He seriously IS the happiest baby I’ve ever known of.  Even when he’s feeling sicky he still smiles and squeals for mommy. 🙂  He’s getting good at spotting things within his reach and actually grabbing them now.  He’ll roll onto his side and then keep turning his head into the floor as if his whole body should just follow!  It’s funny!  He’s VERY tickelish, and when I put lotion on his arms and shoulders he will just squinch up and laugh and laugh. 🙂  Makes me want to do it again, cause it’s so much fun!  I sing the song, ‘Baby Face” to him every morning.  I just love my boys!

Speaking of, I’d better go get the wee man up for his “second breakfast” before I have to fix lunch for the rest of the hungry hords (consisting of me, Stu and Qade- ha!).  I think we’re having a tuna crescent ring for dinner tonight!  Yum- yummy!

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