Recoup Mondays

Stu and I have been working on our “household planner” notebook recently. Part of that is creating a weekly “chore” list with check boxes next to each item on it’s given day. It will be helpful for me at least because I tend to get overwhelmed with the volume of chores that need to be done on TOP of laundry, dishes, and cooking each week. To break it down into manageable chunks during the week takes a load off, really. And this way it doesn’t matter who does it, if one of us sees it needed to be done and hasn’t yet we’ll do it. 🙂 We’ve “named” each day too, just for fun. I like Thursdays because that is my “easy day” which means NO LAUNDRY!! Woo-hoo!! 😉 Mondays are recoup day from the weekend. No matter how tidy things are on Friday, somehow everything manages to explode over the weekend, so we need to reorganize and just do basic maintenance. Promises to be fun.
So last night I was up around 1am with my Piranha and I hear the glass upstairs make a weird “flexing” noise. So of course my bleary brain is thinking “someone’s out there!” Yikes! So I hasten downstairs with my sleepy lad to get Stuart who was entrenched in a new book. Long story short, there was no body, but Stu made a thorough investigation for my peace of mind. However it still took a long time for me to get to sleep. Strange how those things that would totally not bother you during the day seem awful at night. 😀 But I consoled myself with a cup of my second favorite coffee in the whole wide world called “Autumn in Vermont” that my friend Rachael introduced me too. It’s amazing! Set up my whole day to be good even on minimal sleep. Plus I got a huge toothless grin first thing this morning when I finally managed to pull myself out from under the warm comfy covers, and that makes EVERYTHING okay. 🙂

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