Since we’ve no place to go…

The only problem is WE DO! We’re visiting the inlaws this weekend, and were supposed to be heading home today, but apparently the weather has other ideas. It’s not bad here where we are, but the way we need to go is totally blizard-like. 🙂 Well, maybe not quite that bad, but enough so that we don’t want to hazard driving on it. So we be ‘hangin’ another night here.
We’ve been having fun! Went shopping at the Mall on Friday and found a really cute winter coat for Qade that he’ll be able to use next winter (and probably the following) on a HUGE discount! I also was able to get some shoes that feel great on my feet! That’s impressive for me, I have such a hard time with shoes!
There was this little kid play place at the Mall that Qade got to crawl around on for a little bit. He made a little pal that he was playing with. It amazes me to to watch lil kids who can’t even talk make friends. 🙂 Just proof that kindness doesn’t need words to work.
Well, hope you all are having a swell weekend! ta ta!

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