Of those who say nothing, few are silent. – Thomas Neill

This quote just got me thinking… Thinking about my unspoken reactions and attitudes through my days. Often I say nothing, but my silence speaks very loudly. 🙂 I don’t think I always need to say what runs through my head, but many times I need to check my thoughts even if they don’t come out as words. They form my attitudes and shape my actions and responses to people in my life. Even if I don’t say the words the “feeling” can still be communicated. Then too, on the positive side, I should more often SPEAK the words that I think. Tell people how proud you are of them, say, “I love you” many times, praise people for the good work they do or their personal strengths. I’ve always been a people observer, and this quote just reminded me of people that I’ve observed and the way that even silently they can control and manipulate people. I too have a manipulative bent (okay, just being honest, none of you are perfect either- ha ha!) so maybe that’s why I can see it so well in others. All I know is that I do NOT want to be that person. The one who silently sulks to get their own way, or puts on that frosty air and snubs all attempts at peace until someone else caves. If I say nothing I want it to be because, out of love, I am biting my tongue and doing my utmost to change my attitude and give a little, regardless of the situation. So there’s my thoughts for the day; be careful what your silence says. 🙂

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