A New Beginning

Tis the season for new year’s resolutions and new beginnings and such. I have some “resolutions” in my head for me. Don’t know if I’ll write them down or not. Last year I posted a blog about my weight loss goals and then got pregnant in Jan. 🙂 Ha! Hopefully it wasn’t related. Well the new beginning I’m talking about today is for me and Myles. This Monday we are starting the E.A.S.Y. routine. 😀 It’s one that I got from the “baby whisperer” and I like it because she stresses that it’s NOT a schedule, and you shouldn’t be tied to a clock, but rather it’s a routine that you repeat over and over through the day with your baby. 🙂 The E. is for eat, the A. activity, S for sleep, and Y is YOU time. 🙂 Thinking back Myles has kinda been doing this on his own. He was such a sleeper for the first month of his life that I didn’t really think about it, but very recently he’s been having a harder time napping during the day. So mom is going to take charge of the routine and help him out a bit. We’ve been doing it for the last 2 days really, but tomorrow is when I tell myself we’ll “officially” start. 🙂
Qade has been just simply adorable lately. He has some new words recently too. He now will say “Noggle” and it’s cute! He has NO idea what it means, but he can say it! I can’t get him to say his own name though! Oatmeal (his typical breakfast) is “Me-no.” And any drink in his sippy cup is “Mak.” We were working on saying “peach” last night at dinner, but it was coming out completely inappropriate for toddler language, so I think I’ll work on that one at a later time. 😉 He’s still such a Daddy mimic though, and they have this new game where they “sneak” around the house talking to each other in an excited hushed tone! Qade has quite the imagination too, because yesterday he came up to me with that very excited-something-is-happening-almost-whisper, and he was telling me all about it, but I didn’t have a clue what was going on, so I just pretended right along with him. He’s been having a ton of fun playing with the various toys that make noise that he got for Christmas. Plenty of “boy” tuff stuff. 🙂
Right now Stu, his dad and Qade (of course) are fixing the facet in our kitchen. Qade mostly just moves the tools around, but he thinks he’s helping, and I know it thrills Grandpa to have him around. Well, hope you all have had a fabulous weekend. Shall catch ya later!

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