Happy Day-after-Christmas!

Hi Friends! Did you have a wonderful Holiday!!?! I hope you did, we certainly did! We slept in (great way to start Christmas!) then I made Monkey bread, which we ate with delight for breakfast, did the turkey and plunked him in the oven while Stu got ready for the day. By the time we got to the present opening part the morning was nearly gone! But we didn’t mind, it was oodles of fun! Qade had a blast passing out presents and opening a few himself. Some of his stuff required either mom or dad help, or assembly, so he got a little frustrated that he couldn’t play with all the wonderful things right away. THEN we came to his potato head. Oh the wonder of a million little pieces that can be arranged in so many extraordinary ways! 😀 He loved it! That was the end of opening gifts for him, he was way to busy putting eyes, ears, feet and noses all over it. 😀 But he also loved the little people school bus that his Oma sent him, and has been riding his wheely bug while pushing his Tonka truck all around the house. I think I’m going to put away his little “bike” that we got him for awhile, and then we’ll bring it out when we need something new to play with. It’s going to be an outside toy anyway. Myles had fun as well, for the part he was awake for anyway. 🙂 Qade has enjoyed playing with the toys he got more so far, but I’m sure in a couple months, Myles will be happy for all of his Christmas toys! Stuart surprised me with a lime green iPod shuffle!!! I had mentioned in passing once that it would be nice to have one for my walks or using the elliptical, but I didn’t expect it! Nice! I also got a really nice RED coat from my mom. 🙂 It’s very warm and I LOVE it! Stu cashed in with all kinds of toys actually. 🙂 He got some remote cars, and night vision goggles. 🙂 Plenty to keep him occupied. Well we didn’t actually get our white Christmas, but after the wind howled around the house like mad all night we woke up to a blanket of white! 🙂 yay!

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