This morning I had to laugh at Qade. He has this new toy that he got from Grandparents Zahn which is a Wheely Bug! It’s hilarious to watch him zip around the house in it! But today he was wearing the little santa hat that is Grandma Noggle sent him and still in his jammies with a fruity cheerio stuck to his heiney! It was just a funny moment! 😉
Lately he has been repeating all of our “no-no’s” to him. If he tries to touch something and we tell him no-no, he will then repeat “no-no” while pointing to whatever-it-is. It’s kind of funny in a way, because he uses such an authoritative voice when he says it.
Yesterday he was trying to learn the concept of “sunshine.” We were eating breakfast and he pointed to the window and said “light.” So I told him it was sunshine. He then pointed to the light on the ceiling and said, ‘su-shine.” ha! Guess we’ll have to work on that one.
Well the piranha is squacking for some attention so I’ll leave my fine fans for now. Hope you are all having a swell weekend.

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