Fun with 2 little boys!

Well mom and dad were here for a couple days to royally spoil the grandkids, and us! 🙂 They brought truffles, woo-hoo! Qade always has such a blast with “Ma-maw” and “Paw-poh” it’s hard to write it how he says it! Anyway it snowed really well on Monday and I was so excited to take Qade out to play in it the next day, but over night it turned to rain and melted away all the snow. So we stayed inside because it rained most of Tuesday too.. and playing in the sloppy mud is not as much fun when it’s really cold out. 😉
Today we ran to town to get Myles 2 month pictures made. It’s kinda bad when you set a precedent for yourself with the first child and then feel you need to keep it with subsequent children. 🙂 But I think it’ll be worth it to have the memories years down the road. I mean they change soooo much that first year, and to have a portrait of that change each month will be great… provided I EVER get busy on their scrapbooks! *sigh* Anyway we had to use Wal-Mart, and those of you close to me know that I’m almost NEVER satisfied with their package options OR their photography, and the customer service nearly always stinks too, but today I’m pleased to say that it went well. The gal was nice, she was quick, and while I still don’t think the photography was the best or the options, I still managed to get a couple cute poses, (with some really cute grins!!) and get out of there without my blood pressure rising too much. 😉
This evening, with they yucky weather, and a grumpy child, Stu decided I should hang out with the boys at home, so I’m “ditching” prayer meeting. But I got to cheer up the lad by playing tag with him, and had fun watching him play with Myles. This is what it consisted of: Qade placed a piece of paper on top of Myles in the bouncy seat. Myles would eventually flail an arm or leg, knocking the paper off. This would result in peals of laughter from Qade, and the process would repeat. After that got old Qade wadded up the paper and kept trying to stuff it in the seat beside his brother. I’m not sure what Myles thought of that part of the game. 🙂
So anyway, it’s always exciting in our house. Hopefully you all are having a great week! I’m hoping for more snow actually. I’d love to have a white Christmas!!!

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