Oh Saturday, where have you gone?

Ha! I’ve been thinking about posting all day, but here it is nearing dinner time (which I haven’t even started on yet!) and I’m just getting to it. However, lest you think I’ve been lazy it is NOT so! I have done 3 loads of laundry with one more to go, swept the floors, fed the kids (and hubby) and worked tirelessly (well not quite) on our Christmas letter. *sigh* Next year I’m just going to do a “regular” letter. It’s neat the way this one turned out, but it was a heap of a lot of work and my neck is killing me from sitting at the computer for so long! However, it’s finished, at least as far as I’m concerned. Stu might make some adjustments, but I think he’ll be pretty pleased with the over all outcome. If you want one please leave a comment with your address, because if you didn’t get a card last year it means I DON’T have it. 🙂
Anyway, the boys are doing well. Qade is having a “rest” right now. He hasn’t been to sleep yet, but that’s okay. Some time talking to his cow in his bed is good for him. I was going to tell you all about how his imagination is really taking off. The other day he had his empty snack cup and an ornament hook that he found. He would stick the hook in the cup then oh-so-carefully pull it out and hold it high in the air while he blew at it. 🙂 Anyone know what he was “doing?” Bubbles of course!! Then yesterday we ate at Applebee’s and he got the little basket that his chicken came in and pretended to be feeding me and Stuart things. The basket was empty at this point, but he’d reach in, find something and hold it out to us. So cute!!
Myles is doing well too! He had to have shots yesterday and I’m always so sad when that happens. He seems to be dealing with it well though. He was extra fussy yesterday afternoon (which still isn’t much considering that he hardly fusses) but today he’s been his normal, sleepy, happy self. His newest trick is what I call “stealth squirts.” Oh it’s as amazing as it sounds. Probably 3 times now in the past couple of days when I’ve changed his diaper, he somehow manages to ‘squirt’ without me knowing!! I only figure it out when I’ve picked him up or am dressing him again and everything is wet! Now I’m glad that I don’t get squirted myself, but I have no idea how he is performing this little stunt. It’s not like I take my eyes off of him for extended periods while he’s being changed…. just amazes me what munchkins can do.
Okay, I’m off to create supper! It shall be potato soup. This is my FIRST attempt so lets hope it’s a good one, because it’s a VERY chilly day and Stu’s been outside chopping and stacking wood all day! He’s gonna need something warm and nummy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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