Mommy Pants

Yesterday I was thinking about what a hard life it would be to be my pants. 🙂 They started out fine. Totally clean freshly laundered light kakki pants that fit good. However somehow throughout the day they got black stuff from a “buggy” wheel at Wal-Mart above my knee!! I have no idea how this happened!(when I was telling this to Stu he wanted to know what “era” I was from calling it a buggy) Then as I was turning onto the interstate ramp my “sweet tea” from Wendy’s fell over and shloshed all over my leg. Later as I was playing on the floor with my 2 bubs Qade drooled red skittle drool on my pants and then proceeded to wipe his face/nose on me as well. Poor pants. By the end of the day you’d never have recognized them for the same pair I put on that morning, but ya know, even if I’m clumsy and even if my kids ‘deposit’ not so nice things on my clothes, it’s worth a whole wardrobe to be with them and have our fun adventures together!
On another note, yesterday Qade (always the big helper) decided to move the wood from the place where it REALLY goes by the wood stove into the baby swing. I was walking through the room and did a double take at the swing full of wood. Later, after I had righted the situation, Myles was in the swing and I happened to look up in time to see Qade attempting to place the SECOND piece of wood on top of him! I informed Qade that the wood does NOT go on top of baby, and then told Myles that it would be okay to holler if his brother is trying to bury him in wood. 🙂
Qade is getting too cute for his own good these days. He’s quite a mimic with his dad, trying to say everything that Stuart says. If you know Stu very well, you know that he likes to use “made up” words, so it makes for some interesting times listening to Qade repeat them- ha ha! However one thing I LOVE to hear him repeat is “love you.” He just recently started doing this one. It usually follows “see ya!”
Today my goal is to get our Christmas letter done. 🙂 We’ll see if it happens. I’ve got the text pretty well finished, but now comes the “design” and Stu has told me that I will be able to do it, we’ll see what happens. If you get a letter that is set up like a letter then the design didn’t work, and hopefully I didn’t throw the computer out the window either. 😉 Take care all and enjoy your perspective Lime Green Thursdays!

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