Good Reminder

I know that the Christmas season is special for everyone, and in all different ways. Perhaps you’re the type that gets the “christmasy feeling” the most by having a totally decked out house and perfectly trimmed tree. Maybe it’s the gifts, or the baking or the family gatherings that make the season special for you. Regardless of what says “Christmas” to you, there is the possibility of trying too hard for the “perfect” holiday and totally missing the real meaning. Many people, and I’ve done it too, heap stress upon themselves at Christmas time trying to make everything just so “Currier and Ives.” I noticed this one year in particular while I was at a family gathering. It was a bunch of relatives getting together this one time of year when for the rest of the year they rarely or never spoke and maybe don’t even like each other that much. 🙂 I mean, ya can’t pick who you’re related to after all. Ha! I’m not saying that we can’t make an effort to fix relationships or strengthen family ties, but when the only time you’re doing that is at Christmas, and you’re expecting everyone to just be lovey dovey and have a perfect little gathering, then you’re setting yourself up for major stress and failure and maybe even more hurt feelings. All of that to say, I was reading this blog about leaving things undone. I think it’s a great reminder. We all need to prioritize and be willing to let some things slide in order to make time for the stuff that REALLY matters. And this Christmas, make it one that you’ll have fond memories of rather than one you look back on and think of the pressures that brought you to the moment. Stuart and I have been trying to make “traditions” to go along with our family Christmas. One being that we don’t try to make it a huge family event, but rather see our families before or after the holidays and just spend Christmas quietly at home. Then on Christmas Eve we want to focus on why we even have this special day by emphasizing Jesus’ birth and why he had to come. We watch “The Nativity Story” and talk about Christ and what He’s done for us. We try to use symbolism in our gift giving and even the decorations on the tree to point back to why we do have Christmas. Of course lots of it is just for fun too. 🙂 Our family likes fun!! So we’ll have our rosette cookies on Christmas Eve, and Monkey bread on Christmas morning, we’ll open gifts and enjoy our time together, and it’ll be okay if we leave some other stuff undone. 🙂