I couldn’t think of anything profound to write about today. I did have something that I wanted to write about, but I have forgotten all the profundity of it before I could write it down, isn’t that awful?! Oh well. Lately we’ve been going through some old pictures, and looking at some old video clips, and it just reminded me once again how fast the time flies with these little ones. I know I whine and fuss about not getting sleep and my house being a wreck and laundry not getting done when I want it to, but it’s mostly just fluff. 🙂 I’m terribly thankful for each day I have to spend with my munchkins. Even the rough days, while not enjoyable, are chances for me to learn things about my kids, and opportunities for me to teach them how to respond and grow as well. When I get up at 2 or 3am, (or both) it’s a great time for just me and my baby. Myles is getting to be a giant already! I can’t believe how big he is! Two months old tomorrow, and he just seems so huge! Qade was our skinny baby, and I think Myles will be our little chunker!
Stuart has been working on cutting wood to keep our little family all snug and warm through the winter. I’m so blessed to have such a caring man!! We were talking last night about how as kids we didn’t want to grow up and such. Now that we’re grown up (sometimes- hee hee) it’s not as “bad” or “boring” as we thought it would be as kids. Sure we don’t get to play all day, but like Stuart said, now he actually enjoys work, because of the satisfaction he gets out of knowing that he’s taking care of his family. And he does take such good care of us. I’m totally spoiled rotten, but I LOVE it! 😉
Well, I’m off to find something to do (there’s plenty to choose from) or just sit on the couch with a hot drink snuggling my sweet smelling (most of the time) little baby! The time is too fast, and I want to catch those fleeting moments. Ta ta!

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