Blog Withdrawl

Not for me, but for my mom actually. 🙂 It’s funny, she’ll call me on the phone to ask if I’ve updated my blog. 😀 Ha! Love you Mom!!
No it’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog, but Stu is working hard on getting things working for the online camper registration for Camp on Wheels, and that takes a lot of computer time. Then I’ve been wiped out lately too! I told Stuart that I wasn’t sure we could have another child because I never get to sleep anymore. Hee hee… I’m sure that feeling will go away just as soon as Myles is sleeping through the night. Today I was extra tired. I had a hard time getting back to sleep last night after I got up with the wee man. So today I tried very hard to get a nap. At least twice I flopped on the couch with a comfy pillow and a blanket, but alas, it was not to be. Qade too a very GOOD afternoon nap today, probably because I deprived him of a morning siesta. Once he was down though, Myles decided he was hungry, then he had bubbles that made him fuss, then he needed a diaper change, and on it went, so no nap for mommy. Oh well. Maybe we’ll go to bed early tonight. 😀
I did wrap some Christmas gifts, and that got me in the Christmasy spirit somewhat. When I’m extra tired I always have this flashback to my time at camp when Tom Farrell would have us all stand and quote a verse. He would say, “You have to give energy to get energy, so take a big gulp of air and lets say our verse.” Ha ha ha! Little did I know how it would stick with me. You just can’t disobey Tom Farrell!! 😉 So after my second failed nap attempt I scrubbed the kitchen counters and swept the dining room. I don’t feel that much more energized, but I did get something done so that’s good!
We watched Prince Caspian last night. It was really good! Having read those books since I was little it’s hard for me sometimes to reconcile the differences in the movie, but if I take the movie by itself and try to forget about the book then it’s really good! Stu and I enjoyed it anyway, it was a relaxing way to end a Thursday evening.
Tonight we’re having waffles for dinner. I do breakfast for dinner a couple times a month usually. It works out well because I NEVER am up early enough to make breakfast for breakfast. I usually have oatmeal anyway. We’ll enjoy it tonight with REAL maple syrup on them, yummmmmm!
Hope you all have a great weekend! I’m planning to! Toodles.

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