Weight Loss Plateau

It’s a hard time of year to lose weight. I had been doing quite well actually. I lost about 30 pounds in 4 weeks after Myles was born, but then it just stopped coming off. Argh! Course I hadn’t been doing much to help it out, it was just the natural postpardom loss, so I can’t take much credit for it. Now I know that I’ve reached the point where I have to put blood, sweat and tears into the process if I’m going to reach my weight loss goals. SO I took matters into my own hands and started changing a few things. I can’t technically “diet” right now because I’m nursing Myles, but I do know that I can make some healthy(er) choices when it comes to my calorie intake. So I changed a few things recently.
1) Cut out extra liquid calories. I drink water with my meals, no juice, definitely no sodas. My only exception is that I get a cup of coffee in the am, with non-fat creamer, and a cup of sleepy time tea before bed. Neither of those has much calories though so that’s good.
2) Drink water first! When I feel hungry I drink a large glass of water and then wait 10- 15 min before I decide to eat something. This is actually very helpful because sometimes all I need is a drink, but it makes me think I’m hungry.
3) Pick healthy snacks. I really do need a snack in the afternoon. I typically eat a light lunch like soup or such, and I enjoy it, but I start to run out of steam around 3ish. So now instead of grabbing a salty high calorie low energy snack, I pick a piece of fruit with some raw almonds, yogurt or a string cheese.
Yes, it is a hard time of year to lose weight, but I’m happy to say that I BROKE the plateau and have dropped another 3 pounds!! I’m taking it easy on the baked goodies, and the best way for me to not eat it is to make it for other people. I can get my baking fix in, give great tasting gifts to friends and fam, and avoid the intake myself. 🙂 So don’t be surprised if sometime soon you get a baked goody from one slightly skinnier friend. Ha ha!

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