Our little dudes are getting so cute in how they interact with each other. Of course most of the interaction is on Qade’s part, but Myles is starting to respond. He is becoming more and more smiley and he just has the CUTEST grin!! I love toothless baby grins, they melt your heart! Anyway the other evening Myles was awake and alert, small wonder actually with our little hibernater, ha, and sitting in the bouncy seat. Every time Qade came by and stopped to talk or touch him, he’d just get this big old smile and coo right back. That same evening Qade was eating goldfish out of his snack cup and I walked into the room where the boys were and noticed Myles making a nasty face and sticking his tongue out. Suddenly out popped a goldfish!! Apparently big brother had been trying to “share” his wonderful snack! I’m thankful babies have that tongue thrust reflex to keep chokables out of their mouth. It was actually kinda cute and funny, but I realize I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on Bubba when he has a snack. Qade still likes to enjoy tummy time with Myles on the floor. Yesterday I had a blankie over Myles because it was starting to get chilly, and Qade wanted to steal it so instead I asked him to come with me to get HIS blanket. I made him one of those double fleece knotted blankets for his birthday and he loves how soft it is. So we went to his room, I bundled him in the blanket just like a baby, and he snuggled in it on the couch for a long time!
Today I’ve been playing catch up. Yesterday I had a HUGE walmart (ugh) shopping trip so laundry didn’t get done etc. This morning I cleaned the kitchen, put together our dinner (french toast custard!) and got some bread going in the machine. I’ve also done 2 loads of laundry and now have 3 to fold! That’s what I get for leaving one in the dryer, lazy me! I bought onions and green peppers yesterday that need to be cut up and frozen. Because we live so far away from the store I try to stock up on those “fresh” items and just freeze them for use when I need them. It helps a lot in cooking, but I just don’t like the cutting up process. I’m going to get it done today though! Procrastination only means more work later!
So with that said, I suppose I should go and get to it. Have a swell day!

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