Yesterday was a fun day with the family and Stuart got to visit a church that had sent some kids to camp last summer. He went to their evening service and even got to give a short “blurb” about camp and such. The pastor is interested in supporting us, which was a totally unlooked for opportunity. So we will probably be heading back there for a deputation service sometime soon. Stu went to the evening service and then we packed up our two little boys and headed home. My man is amazing! I fully intended to stay awake to help keep him up too, but I just couldn’t do it. Between the 2 of our lads we didn’t get much sleep on Saturday night. I got up with Myles at 2 something, and then at around 3:30 Qade popped wide awake and just started talking away. 😀 Oh, it was so funny, since we were awake anyway, Stu told me to, “Watch Qade dive into a foxhole.” It was pretty hilarious too, because Qade would stand up in his pack n play, which he knew he shouldn’t be doing during sleep times, and then when Stu would make a move to get up Qade would “hit the dirt” and lie down, it was soooo funny even if it was a horible hour to be awake.
Anyway, we’re home now, but with a bit of a sleep deficit, so I’m not going to be too ambitious about what I get done today. I was thinking today that we’re going to have to be more careful about what we say around our little parrot child. He has become a great mimic! Not that we have a poor vocabulary or anything, lest you get the wrong impression. 🙂 But this morning I was doing something and got frustrated and said, “Great!” in a tone that didn’t mean great, ya know? Well right after I said it I heard this little voice next to me say “gwat” 😉 It was cute, but it did remind me that I have to be careful. I don’t want my bad habits to be reflected in my kiddos!
Qade is really becoming the linguist these days though. This weekend even he has picked up more words. It’s totally amazing to me to watch him absorb information. He’s a smart little lad, if I do say it myself. 🙂 Oh, one more cute story and I’ll be done. (aren’t mommies awful when it comes to their kid stories? Everything they do is so cute or so funny or so amazing we just have to brag on them!) Well in church Sunday morning Qade was meeting a new friend who is just a couple months younger than him. They were standing near the entry way where my dad was and as the little boy’s parents were trying to get him to go, he stooped to the floor and picked “something” up and handed it to my dad. Dad, of course, thanked him, but then Qade decided he wanted it, so Dad offered it to him, and he took it out of Dad’s hand. Finally I asked Dad what they gave him…. his answer with a chuckle, “Nothing.” Ha! Great imaginations these little ones have!

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