Blogging on my walk

So the last 2 days I braved the unknown and took both my boys for a walk. I decided that this was something in my day that I needed to do for me. 🙂 We get to get outside, which is good for all of us, but I get exercise which I really need, and a few moments to just think. Qade gets to ride in the stroller and Myles has been in the front pack. Let me tell you it’s SO much easier going up the sandy hill now!! Even though I’m still carrying Myles it’s not the same for sure! He’s been totally oblivious to our walks thus far. Doesn’t know what he’s missing, poor squirt.
Anyway, while I’m walking I compose, in my head, the most wonderful blog posts. You wouldn’t believe how the words just flow, and how eloquent I can be!!! Several times I’ve tried to “remember” my walking blogs and reproduce them for you here, but for some reason they do NOT come out the same. Why is that? Maybe the crisp air and beautiful sunshine just help things to come together better and then when I’m sitting inside staring at a computer screen they just disappear. Hmmm….
Well, that’s really neither here nor there. Today we are in Albuquerque with my fam! We’ve come to celebrate my mom’s birthday and just enjoy some family time. Qade had a grand old time getting spoiled by his grandparents and pretty much everyone. Myles doesn’t know the difference yet, but he enjoyed being rocked by his Oma while he napped this morning. 🙂 I was a little nervous about how last night would go since we haven’t traveled yet with both the boys. All 4 of us sleeping in the same room could be a challenge, huh? Two pack-n-plays actually fit really well in the bedroom, I was surprised! Qade didn’t want to settle down last night because we all kind of went to bed at the same time. He does better if he’s put down first and is asleep before we come in. However, he eventually did crash out, and he slept all night very well! He woke up at 5 when I was up with Myles, but after he talked for a little while he went back to sleep for a couple more hours because I just ignored him. 🙂 Myles did well last night too! I found some gripe water for his little tummy and we tried some last night. We’ll see if this helps his gasyness at all. He went to sleep a little after 10pm and was grunting and such at 12 something, but I brought him to bed with us and he slept for another hour or more before he actually wanted to eat. Then, I think, he made it till 4:40am-ish for his next meal… it’s a little foggy, but I’m pretty sure he only got up those 2 times. Anyway, enough blather, the point is we had a good night all together. 🙂
Today Stu is at the Apple store buying computers for camp. I nearly confiscated his personal credit cards just to be safe, but I trust him. 😀 It is a dangerous store for someone who loves Apple products as much as my hubby though. I think today we are going to try to sneek away from our small fry and visit a coffee shop, and maybe see Fireproof, as we’ve been told it’s a great movie. It’ll be nice to have some “us” time. It’s so nice to have family that is willing to watch our munchkins so we can do things like that together.
Guess that’s it for now I’ll write more some other time when my walking blogs come back to me. Toodles!

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