Monkey Man and Hibernating Bear

That pretty much sums up our munchkins right now. The other day Stuart called Myles a hibernating bear because his favorite thing to do is sleep! In fact sometimes he seems almost mad that he has to wake up to eat, but he still will. 🙂 Myles is now 4 weeks old and at his Dr. apt last week he weighed 8’6, so he’s chunkin’ up for sure. He’s wearing size one diapers and has basically grown out of his newborn clothes *sniff* it goes way too fast!
Now to our other child who has become quite the monkey lately. Yesterday I walked into the dining room to find him sitting on top of the table poking at the computer that was sitting there. I happened to have the camera in my hand so I took a couple shots before I took him off and informed him of the “no-no.” Then this weekend (i think) Stu and I were in the office and I heard Qade screaming from his room. It was one of those “I’m frustrated” screams, but he persisted so I went to see what the problem was. When I walked in I laughed out loud! He had climbed up the changing table, but somehow was stuck, his hands clenching the top and his feet slid into the second shelf. He was perched there with his little bum hanging down! Oh, I wish I’d had the camera that time. He wasn’t scared, he was just stuck and it was pretty funny!
As for me nothing too exciting is going on beyond the adventures of my 2 little lads. I did manage to get the floor mopped this week. That was a major accomplishment for sure! I felt pretty good about it too. Today I spent a lot of time baking muffins and some breads for refreshments on Sunday. It’ll be yummy, so you should come! 🙂 Stu will be preaching too, so you’d get a double blessing. 😀 Well, I need to think about feeding my family something for dinner, so I’ll stop yacking for now. Have a marvy-dandy week!