Blustery Day

It’s Sunday and right now all the menfolk are sleeping while I doodle on the computer. 🙂 I should take a nap too, but I’m such a lousy napper that I’m often better off to skip it. It takes me ages to fall asleep and then I usually feel like trash when I do wake up, not good. So anyway, I’ve been catching up on my blog reading and facebook instead. 🙂
The weather is blowy here today. Makes it feel like fall really. It’s been so warm the past week that it really hasn’t felt like the end of Oct. Today though the leaves are blowing all around, and it figures because Stu and Qade took the time to rake the yard yesterday. 😀
I’m slowly working on condensing my recipe collection. I have several cook books along with an entire subscription to a couple different recipe magazines that are sitting up in a shelf rarely used. My goal is to go through them all (slowly, I tell you) and take out every recipe that I “might” use then either get rid of, or give away the books. It will help me to actually use more “new” recipes if they are in an easier to access format. I’ll then get a couple of those 3×5 card holders and organize and categorize the recipes in those. That will really help me when I’m making our monthly menu. I can easily go through the recipes, pull out the ones I’ll need for the month and make a shopping list from that. So in theory that’s where I’m headed with that. I managed to make it through one magazine yesterday, so that’s still progress. 🙂 I’ve given myself a 6 month goal to get this done, so I’ll just gauge it by Myles’ age.
Nothing profound to write about today, sorry. I would encourage you to try the latte recipe I posted though. Stu and I had some last night again, and it was very scrumptious! It’s truly the right time of year for it for sure! Have a swell week everyone!

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