One of my fastest ‘button pushers’ is when “stuff” doesn’t work like it’s supposed to! I have almost zero tolerance for it at all, and I know that’s my own bad because nothing is going to perform 100% all the time. But oh, I can’t tell you how many times at college I wanted to “backward hurl” those stupid iMacs out the window of the music lab. 😉 Recently though it’s been my own kitchen appliances that have been making my blood boil. (I’m trying to get over it, so maybe this “venting” post will help!) For example we have this microwave over our stove. It’s been an issue from the get-go. My inlaws bought it brand new when we moved in just over a year ago (you’d think it would have a better track record) and almost immediately it stopped working “right.” It NEVER would keep time, so I finally gave up on setting the clock function. Then one day the “5” just stopped working, and miraculously started up again a couple weeks later. The light on the inside stopped coming on when it’s in use, but will come on when you open the door, silly. Then most recently the built-in turntable stopped working as well. Now anything you put in it gets scalding hot (or burnt) spots while the rest doesn’t even get warm. It’s rediculous!! THEN there’s the issue of the dishwasher! Arg!!! Lately it has not been washing well at all. It really gets to me when I take dishes out that are ickyer than they were when I put them in. And what’s the point of having a dishwasher if you have to was a third of the dishes by hand after they come out??? It’s a very old machine, so I should give it some slack, but this morning as I tossed 4 “clean” cups into the sink to be washed AGAIN I just wanted to kick that thing. 🙂 Violence won’t solve your problems, but sometimes can make you feel better. Ha!! No, it’s not all that dramatic, or terrible, and I AM thankful for the things we have (even when they don’t work right) because I do know that there are so many people with so much less than us. We are blessed and I am thankful… I just had to rant to the world about my dinky little peeve. 🙂
On a happier note, I slept till 8 this morning, made some oatmeal and put REAL maple syrup on it, it was great! My hubby is home today, which makes me happy even if we’re not making any money. 😉 Qade seems to be in a wonderful mood this morning, and I think I might just take him for a walk. Have a happy Wednesday!

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