Me time

Yesterday I got some much needed ME time. 🙂 Having some “time out” for mommy is important to keep the family sane and running smoothly. As a friend of mine reminded me recently, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy.” 😀 I can usually snatch my “me” time in little bits here and there, and I don’t expect it to happen every day. Yesterday though I got a big ol’ whopping dose of me time, and it felt DELICIOUS! I used the excuse of picking up Myles infant pics to go into town. I used to use driving as a way to just chill out and “get away” without really going away, but with gas as expensive as it’s been, it seems like a waste to drive just for the sake of driving. However, I got in a good drive yesterday and filled up for only $2.69!! Seems silly that we’d actually think that’s a good deal! I started out heading for the interstate as usual to get to town, but I could see from the top of the hill very black smoke billowing up over the road and lots and lots of trucks backed up forever! So I opted to go the “scenic” route, which actually isn’t too much longer, AND it really is scenic! I so enjoyed the drive, it was just what I needed. Stuart was so good to just let me go and happily hang out with the lads even though he had to change several icky diapers!! We “catched” the kittens and the cat and I dropped them off at the shelter yesterday too. It was a fun excursion. I did some Wally-World shopping, picked up the very cute pics of my baby, and ate lunch at Wendy’s. 🙂 I got to drive home on the interstate because it was only the one side that was blocked. There had been a wreck involving at least 2 semi trucks and 3 trailers. Two of the trailers were nothing but charred hulls, so that explains the smoke. Looks like it was pretty bad, and in fact had shut down the road for quite a few hours. Scary out there. But it was nice to get home and be greeted by my 3 wonderful men. I felt refreshed and recharged even though I hadn’t slept an extra wink. Yes, it’s great to be a mommy, and great to be a home maker, but once in a while, not often but now and then, it’s important to get away and just be a person for a bit. 🙂 Hope you all have had a great weekend! I bought some bread flour yesterday and am going to give my new (early Christmas present) bread machine a whirl! Can’t wait!!!
Oh yeah, and I also got a magazine with an awesome recipe for chi tea latte in it. I made it last night for desert (it’s really simple) and it was soooo yummy!! I’m not a huge chi fan, but this one was just mild enough that I really really liked it! So stop on by sometime for a chat and I’ll make you a latte. 😉

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