Friday, but more like Monday

Today’s day had an identity crisis. See, Fridays are supposed to be kind, friendly, loveable days. Today however started out acting like a Monday. Everyone knows that Mondays are the worst days of the week, right? When you’re a SAHM actually though most every day is pretty much the same. Weekends are still better though because your hubby gets to stay home and help you. Anyway, Qade digressed some today which was the biggest cause of my frustration, I think. But I can’t blame it all on him. I woke up very very very tired today and continued tired through the day. When mommies don’t get enough sleep it’s really hard to be objective and rational when dealing with your kids. Especially if they have made a pact with themselves to make things as difficult as possible. I can’t say that it was the worst day we’ve had with Qade since Myles was born, but it was a rough day. He spent a lot of it screaming and crying, and I spent a lot of it telling him “no-no” and following up with “time outs” if necessary, and it was several times. *sigh* Myles was his regular self today, sleeping and eating and making diapers. It’s what he does best. The only problem was that each time Qade went down for a nap Myles decided it was the perfect time to dine. So my “plot” for a nap didn’t really work out. Needless to say by the time Stu got home from work, I was ready to hand him the kids, grab the keys and take off for some quiet time by myself. I didn’t though. 🙂 Still my wonderful hubby stepped up and took over. He let me “veg” on the computer while he occupied Qade while doing chores. THEN he fixed us steak for dinner so I didn’t have to cook!! Yay! It’s wonderful being married to the greatest man in the universe. He helps me so much more than probably he even knows. Just his presence often is enough to buoy up my spirit, mood, attitude, whatever, and help me to just deal with things.
Don’t be alarmed, it wasn’t “that” bad of a day, I just like to add a little drama to my blog now and then. Tomorrow I believe I’m going to head to town (even though I hate Gallup) mostly for the drive, but also to pick up Myles infant portraits. I’m excited about getting those!! So have a happy weekend, and watch out for those bi-polar Fridays. 🙂

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