Dumb Dog

So last night Stu once again went to church solo. I was debating about going, but he had to go early for a meeting, and I didn’t think that wrangling two lads into the vehicle by myself was such a great idea, plus I was really tired, so that in a large nutshell is why I skipped prayer meeting last night. I guess we’ll wait till Sunday for Myles debut at church.
Anyway, when Stu got home I went to the back door and tried to find the cat, who had snuck out for the night, and noticed something looked “funny” with Cisco. When he came up to the door I discovered what the funny thing was. He had porcupine quills sticking out of his nose and mouth. Not good! This is the second time in less than a week that he has been “hit” by a porcupine, you’d think he’d learn. Oh no, not this brilliant dog. The first time it happened, he only had a few and they were on the side of his face and easy for Stuart to remove. This time, however, they were in a much more sensitive area and he was NOT happy to be helped. On top of which, he kept licking his jaws and driving the quills in deeper. We had to wrap him in a blanket to control his legs and sit on top of him holding his head down as we tried to pull the quills out with pliars. We took turns pulling them out, Stu had his hands full, most of the time just trying to control the dog. It took FOREVER to get them all out, and one that I pulled out of his nose started gushing blood as soon as it was out. The dog was totally stressed out, his eyes were bulging and red, and his tongue was lolling out. It was not a fun hour and a half for sure. I think by the end he started to realize that fighting it was just not working, and he cooperated better. At least that’s what I’d like to think… knowing his “mentality” though, it’s more likely he was just totally worn out. Today he seems hunky-dory and seems to have no ill effects from his encounter. I’m just hoping that he took away a little lesson about trying to play with porcupines.
On a different note, our “little monster” is doing much better! Qade has been listening and responding better to instructions from mom and dad. It was so cute yesterday when Stuart came home. He had actually been home for a little while but Qade hadn’t seen him. Qade was playing with “his” dishes in the kitchen and Stu kind of crept in, and when Qade looked up he said, “Hi, Dad.” just as plain as that! He has still had a few “moments” but they are becoming fewer and farther between which makes this mamma happy! Myles is doing great! He has had goopy eyes, but hopefully the ointment will clear that up soon. It’s a challenge to get it into those tiny eyes though, let me tell ya!
Well, hope you’ve all had a marvelous week, and will have an even better weekend! Ta ta

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