Baby Boot Camp

Okay so in our attempts to guide Qade into the paths of happy obedience these days I’ve decided to go back to a much more regulated schedule. I had been keeping him up in the AM so that he would nap in the afternoon. However he won’t sleep longer than an hour and half to 2 hrs anyway, which leaves him a terrible grump before bedtime. SO we are going back to a 2 nap a day schedule, even if he doesn’t sleep for one of them. At least he’ll have rest time in his bed, and Mommy will have a break.
I am SO thankful for Stuart these days. I know I should appreciate him so much more. He does SO much for me and our kids! Since we’ve been home with Myles there’s just no way I could cope with it all if I didn’t have him! Not only is he totally involved, especially when it comes to disciplining Qade, but he is also my biggest support and help. He always lets me know that he thinks I’m doing a great job, even when I’m down because the house is a wreck and I feel like a flop as a mom. He has been getting up once a night with Myles just to let me get a little more sleep. On top of all that he still has been diligently working on stuff for camp and just our regular family upkeep. He is an amazing and wonderful man, and every day I’m reminded in so many ways that I married the best guy in the universe!
So between the 2 of us, Qade is getting a lot of structure and instruction. I sometimes get discouraged because it seems like overnight we lost our happy lad and he was replaced by some kind of monster child. 🙂 But I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I know he is learning some valuable lessons. Parenting is not all fun and games, but even so, I’d never change it, and as much as I loved the happy lad and want him to come back, I love the little monster just as much!

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