So my goal for this post was to put some pictures up too, but for some reason the picture program won’t let me drag stuff to the desktop and I’m not going to waste any more time trying to figure it out. 🙂 So you’ll have to do without pics today, sorry. 😀
Things are going well with the munchkins. We’re all learning to adjust to our new family size and needs. Qade loves “baby” and will sit by his pack n play and look in at him while he’s sleeping. We went to town on Thursday for check ups, and Qade has this very concerned look on his face while he watched the Dr. examine Myles. I wonder if he was just thinking his turn was coming or something. Myles did swell and was already back up to 6-12, only an oz shy of his birth weight. I knew he was packing it on with as much as he’d been eating! Qade had his 18 month check the same day, just a tad early, he won’t be 18 months till the 23rd, but we wanted to save ourselves an extra trip to town if possible. Qade was 23 pounds even. Seems light for his age, but when I go to pick him up now, it feels like he weighs a ton!
Bubba has been going through adjustments too. I’m not sure that it’s all over baby either. Probably some if it has to do with being around family and grandparents for nearly a week with minimal parental intervention. Plus, like I’ve said, I think the “terrible two’s” actually starts around 18 months when they really start to flex their tiny “independence muscles.” He’s been doing that for sure. He has learned the word “no” and uses it regularly. 🙂 We’re working on some of these issues, and he has earned himself “time outs” for touching all the “no-no’s” he can find, but I’m confident that it will all pass and I’ll get my happy boy back again soon. I think that it’s important for me to spend time playing with him in a nondiscipline type situation. Of course those can arise anywhere, but I’m really trying to make an effort to just do stuff with him rather than be constantly telling him to stop things.
Myles is doing great! He eats like a champ, and sleeps awesome too! Of course he’s no where near sleeping as long as I’d like to at night, but he does sleep so well between feedings that I’m sure he’ll do great as he gets bigger. He’s had a couple tummy time work-outs after big bro has gone to bed. Qade still doesn’t understand that he’s big enough to klobber the baby if he’s not careful, but he is learning to be “gentle” around baby.
I’m doing good too. Had some “blue” moments, but they were mild… more azure than true blue. 😉 Stu’s been home all this week, and it’s been such a help! I love having him around!! He’s been getting up with Myles at his 3-4am feeding, and that is such an amazing help to me. Just that one break makes the biggest difference, it’s hard to describe. The housework and such I’m trying not to get bogged down in. I set at least 1 goal for myself each day and then feel good when that gets done. Yesterday it was laundry. Today I need to sweep, and I’m hoping to add on organize our bedroom a little better. Right now with all the baby stuff everywhere, it’s a little haphazard, but it would help me mentally to know where stuff is and where it needs to go.
So that’s it, I suppose. A little boring to read probably, but it’s what’s going on with us. I’ll try to post again soon when I can put up some pics. Ta ta for now!

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