Communication Issues

Last night Stuart went to church an hour early so me and the Bubba were just “hangin'” at the house. He was kinda fussy at one point, so I was holding him on my lap, don’t we all just need a hug sometimes? Anyway, he started asking me for an “ock” and unfortunately I had not been taught that particular vocabulary word. I would “translate” various things, but he kept insisting on the “ock.” He was getting frustrated, which didn’t help his fussies, but I have to admit I was a little humored. I told him, “Mommy doesn’t understand “ock.” Show Mommy.” So he got off my lap and walked over to the utility room door. This we usually keep closed since the cat food and litter is in there. I opened the door for him though, highly curious about what in the world the “ock” was. He walked in, found his balloon, I was thinking, “Surely that isn’t an “ock”!!” It wasn’t, he just tossed it out of the room, and then went to the outside door insisting on “OCK!” I finally figured it out… he wanted to go for a walk. It was around the time we take our family walks, and Qade just LOVES to be outside! I was happy that he was able to show me what he meant, but I was sad too, because as much as I would have loved to go for a walk, we just didn’t have the time before church, so I had to turn the poor boy down after he had worked SO hard for it.
He didn’t forget though, and today he was still pretty interested in an “ock” so I obliged him and off we went. We took our ock down the driveway and onto the sandy hill, but didn’t go up. He got to pull the flowers off some weeds, play in the sand, and discover a black beetle that was crossing the road. That poor thing probably still doesn’t know what happened to it! All in all, our “ock” was a success, and seemed to satisfy the boy for the time being. He would LIVE outside if we let him! Tonight he got to help daddy stack some wood, and that thrilled him too. He just loves doing anything “guy.” After dinner, which I need to get a jump on making! we may go for a ‘real’ walk and actually get up the hill. Daddy can push the stroller. 😀
Keeping up with Qade’s vocab is a challenge, because he picks up words without us just “teaching” him, and then we become the pupil as he has to help us figure out what he is saying. I just love being a mommy!!!

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