Since it rained nearly all night last night, the gentle soaking kind of rain, it was a bit chilly today. More chilly in the house than outside after awhile. Anyway, we decided to have our first “official” fire of the fall since we were all freezing. Stu started up the woodstove with expert ease, and we had our lunch listening to the crackle of the flames and smelling the very “fally” smell of a wood fire. After lunch I happened to notice that we still had big candle sitting on TOP of the stove. I suggested that perhaps we should move it. Stuart agreed and touched the plate the big pillar was on only to get his finger tips burnt! Apparently it was already pretty hot. So me, being the “mrs. fix-it” that I am, grabbed a dish cloth to pick up the hot plate with, but in the process of picking it up I spilled the melted wax all over the top of the stove! It immediately started smoking like crazy, and while I was covering the smoke detectors with towels so they wouldn’t go off and scare Qade, the top of the stove burst into flame!!! Oh dear. Stuart watched the fire while I opened windows and turned on the fans. It was ridiculous how fast the WHOLE house filled with smoke! Fortunately the flames didn’t last long, just enough to burn off the wax, and none of the smoke detectors went off, which makes me think perhaps they need new batteries??? But our house smelled gross and smokey. I like to think that I have common sense, but sometimes it flees from my mind when I most need it. In retrospect, I should have first removed the candle from the plate, then soaked up the melted wax with paper towels, THEN lifted the hot plate off of the stove… but who has time to think of all that in the spur of the moment. Ha! Kind of like when I locked myself out of the house when I was pregnant with Qade and instead of asking our neighbor for a ride, I walked a mile and a half in the cold to a friends house… duh! Oh well, live and learn. I need to stop and reflect on the BEST method of getting something done, not always the fastest.
The smoke has cleared out, the house is toasty warm, I sprayed some febreeze to help with the smell, and both of my guys are having a well earned nap. Looks like it’s going to storm again, but I say, “bring it on!” 😀

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