Workin’ Wednesday

Today will be a busy day for me.  Maybe that’s why I found myself unable to sleep well and got up “early” 6:30 wooooo!  Ha ha ha!  I’m so bad about not liking to wake up in the mornings, but today it wasn’t a problem.  I needed to come downstairs and stir my homemade (in the crock pot even) apple butter. 🙂  Can’t wait till it’s done and I can try some!  It sure smells good!  Anyway, today I have an OB apt in town which also means that I need to do errands and shop.  It’s not a chore I enjoy, let me tell ya, but we’re totally out of some stuff since I’ve been baking more, so it’s off to the grocery I go!  Actually Stu has today off, so we may go to town a little early and have some Cracker Barrel lunch thanks to the b-day gift cards from my bros!!  Woo-hoo!  Gotta love Cracker Barrel!

Well, I was reading this blog this morning, and found it kind of interesting.  As mommies we like to think the things we’re doing with our kids is all good and the “best” for them. Inevitably however we’ll find someone who disagrees with us.  For example I found myself bristling as I read the article because several of the “habits” that this lady said were so bad I actually ENCOURAGE with Qade. 🙂  I use a white noise maker when he sleeps, I feed him from my plate, I give him juice (but he also gets ice water and doesn’t complain) and I even TRIED to get him attached to a certain stuffed “lovey” but he didn’t go for that at all.  Ha!  As I was reading though I just reminded myself that the reason God gave Qade to us is because WE were the best parents for him.  The reason this lady’s kids are hers is because she is the best mommy for them.  We all have our very solid opinions on what our kids should/shouldn’t be doing, or habits that we want/don’t want them to develop.  We’ll all go about getting them there in our own ways, and we WILL make mistakes along the journey.  I think it’s too bad when we’re overly critical of ways that other parents use to bring up their kids.  SO that’s my challenge to myself and you other mommies out there today.  Try NOT to have a judgmental spirit toward other parents and the way that they are raising their kids.  Learn from them, yes, even things that you personally would “NEVER” do, but give them room in your mind to be making the best choices for their children, just like you do for yours.

Happy Wednesday!

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