Fat Friday

Yep that’s what today is. 🙂 I’m the fat in the Friday, just so ya know! Ha! I woke up tired… isn’t that a shame? Qade woke up not feeling too good. He was a tiny bit warm, and just not so much himself. I think it’s the terrible teeth that are to blame. His top eye teeth have actually cut, I think, but the bottom two (are they still eye teeth on the bottom??) haven’t come through yet. I can see them, but they aren’t through yet, poor boy. So anyway, I didn’t put any pressure on us to get stuff done today. Qade had fun destroying the kitchen by strewing the towels and dish cloths all over the floor, which I had fun putting back during nap time. 🙂 I rested with my coffee this morning, and did some crochet. Then I had a brilliant idea to make some “freezer muffins.” Ha! We’ll be having fam for company in a week or so, and I wanted something easy to pop in the oven for breakfast. So I made an Oat-buttermilk batter, put it in the paper cups and froze it. The plan is that when I want a muffin, I just pop it in the tin and it bakes like “normal.” I think I’ll “test drive” one tomorrow, just to make sure it works. I also made a batch of granola muffins which sound really nummy right now. 🙂
Well, hubby is home from work, wrestling with the lad, and I’m doinkin’ on the computer. I’d rather be with them, so Ta ta!

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