36 weeks!

And about ready to POP! It’s encouraging to think that I “could” meet this baby in just a little over a week and he’d still be “full term” but it’s discouraging to think that it could be yet another 5 weeks away, as in the case of our reluctant Qade. I’m doing great though. Besides the normal bothers that come with being this huge and uncomfy I have nothing to complain of… pity… makes blogging so much less interesting- ha!
I believe that my brain is nesting though. That means that it keeps me awake all night thinking of “stuff.” Stuff to do, stuff I wish I could do, stuff that needs to happen, stuff that might happen, just stuff! Then when I finally do get to sleep I have wacky dreams!! The other night I dreamed that my sis-in-law’s midwife didn’t show up to deliver her baby, so I had to help. Ugh!!! That was not a fun dream… Joy, make sure you have a backup that ISN’T me, okay? 😉 Anyway, the point is when I have crazy nights, I get up too tired to actually “nest.”
Today though, I had plenty of energy for some reason, so I did get some stuff done. I did some more organizing the depths of the spare room. So much work, and it seems to accumulate in there! Then I made some more freezer biscuits kind of blending 2 recipes. They still turned out, miracle! Then as if I hadn’t gotten enough flour everywhere, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Baked half, and the other half will go in the freezer in “log” form where it will be ready to be sliced and baked whenever the urge for fresh baked cookies comes on. 🙂
This evening we went for a walk after dinner. Qade actually walked a good long way! He should sleep well tonight! When we got back Stuart started watering the lawn and Qade got the HUGEST kick out of walking through the sprinkles! It was very funny! I got a bit of it on video, so one day all you adoring Qade fans will be able to see it. *sigh* That’s another thing I’m totally behind on. Oh well, someday! Now my little bubby is walking around in nothing but his diaper, and I’m getting ready to put him to bed just as soon as I send this off to cyber space for you all! Hope you had a wonderful lime green Thursday!